It is the fruit of collaboration between the two main leaders of the iNT. agencies network: Uffe Just, CEO of JUST BRANDING iNT. in Copenhagen and Pablo Binkowski CEO of BrandStorm in Warsaw. 
They both know that today and especially in the current context, companies need to be as close to their customers as possible. They need to communicate directly with them and be one click away at all times. That is why we decided to dedicate a whole team specifically for this purpose.
With 15 digital advertising experts on the team operating from Krakow in Poland, we are offering a broad selection of digital advertising competences and maintaining the promise of creating a world where meaningless barriers no longer apply.
Allowing companies to have close interaction with their existing and potential clients is at the heart of our priorities.


Is about combining creativity with the top digital competences we offer.

The competences

iNT. Digital Krakow's focus is centred around the use of social media for advertising purposes

It includes the digital universe with platforms such as Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, messaging and SEO optimisation. 
Why social media advertising? Simply because it will allow you to target and retarget ideal consumers. The social media platforms now have sophisticated targeting tools which will help you target your ideal customer and drive more relevant traffic to the website. 
Most businesses -and especially the small ones- are careful about what they can they invest in. When your marketing budget is limited, it’s important to spend it wisely to make sure you’ll get the most of it. Our promise to you is that, through social media, you will have access to one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to reach your target audience and boost sales over time. 
No matter what your business is, no matter who your target is, we will make sure your message reaches the right people and that resources would be used as efficiently as possible.

The positioning

We live in a world where maintaining a constant and effective communication is absolutely crucial to earn the customers’ trust and maintain proximity. We want to help you achieve that by assuring one to one dialogues with clients (and potential clients), ultimately we want to create one to one communities. 

iNT. Digital Krakow is one of the many partner agencies of the iNT. agencies network who believe that working together makes us stronger and that we should always aim to be the most collaborative network of agencies. We are also proud to call it our digital flagship.
The iNT. network’s purpose is to help clients grow their business and brands Internationally through great creative advertising, communication, branding and strategy. 
We are a group of international, full service agencies with competencies covering everything from digital advertising to PR, sponsorships, commercials, print, events and SEO, just to mention a few. We combine a strong local presence in many countries in the main cities with an international perspective which means that we can help develop your branding and communication where it’s needed for you. We will support you with crucial insights and research in markets where you already are or considering to enter.

Is about combining creativity with the top digital competences we offer.