Copenhagen, Denmark

Just Branding is a digital advertising agency. We are driven by innovative storytelling and by helping your global branding succeed off -and online. We develop creative solutions that integrate branding, advertising and corporate strategies.

Uffe Just
CEO & Owner

Member agency

Canada, Toronto

Businesses, advertising and social media have a common foundation. These fields work best when the sender and receiver can switch places so that they may interact with each other. But when it comes to traditional marketing, advertisers almost have exclusive rights to broadcast their message to consumers. This one-way channel of a crude business relationship no longer works. We, at Dendrite Park iNT., are very excited to join forces with iNT: agencies network. We genuinely believe that we are stronger togther. Together we aim to make the clients happy and successful.

Pablo Binkowski
CEO & Owner

Poland, Warsaw

We understand the business of our clients, and we provide them with creative solutions. We obsessively measure everything. We weigh every idea, word or colour to sell more and better. We deliver products on time, and we are within the budget. Cooperation with us is smooth. We are excellent in situations under pressure, because we know that we can handle it – without unnecessary tension.

Emila Bratkowska 
Client Service Director

Helsinki & Tampere, Finland

Experts in marketing communications. We acknowledge the power of effective storytelling and create strong emotional impact as we believe is the main contributor to success. i2 offers a wide range of solutions, from strategy to implementation in Marketing Communications, Encounters, Video & Animation, and Sponsoring.

Christel Lindqvist-Jauhiainen
Director, events & exhibitions
Account Director
Chairwoman of the i2 board

Member agency


Madrid, Spain

We design integral strategies and help our clients implement them. We do creative, efficiency, and metrics, we provide with digital solutions to achieve your goals. At D20 we value storytelling as key in every strategy we create. Our philosophy is based on the idea that a great story is the beginning of great content, and great content is what catches your customers interest; to us “Engagement is the name of the game”.

Laura Corces
Account Director 

Agency partner

Morocco, Casablanca

14 years of professional experience working in Communication, Events, Visual Design and Web development. MH Agency, Hssain works with creative designer with an artistic and valuable perspective who will help your business grow by implementing unique graphic design.

Mohamed Hssain
Creative Designe

Member agency

Netherlands, Amsterdam

BarrowTaylor is a company specialized in Employer Branding with a Human Resources perspective. Founded by two experienced people. Very experienced in solving brand and communication issues, equally experienced in Human Resources. This combination leads to the proper Employer Brand and HR strategy, a successful organization and last but not least: happy people.

Remco Sangers 
Brand expert
Peter van Eick
Human Resource expert

Poland, Warsaw

We have launched our newest member who is also our own digital advertising agency: iNT. digital Warsaw. We believe that working together makes us stronger and we aim to be the most collaborative network of agencies.

With 15 advertising experts on the team operating from Warsaw in Poland, we are offering a broad selection of digital advertising competences and maintaining our promise of creating a world where meaningless barriers no longer apply. 

The agency’s focus is centred around the use of social media for advertising purposes, it includes Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, email marketing and SEO optimisation.

Lisbon, Portugal

The Digital and PR Agency for disruptive businesses, entrepeneurs, innovation and digital economy. Whether there’s news or not, at The Square we proactively create stories and approaches using methodologies to dialogue with the media and the consumer, with the goal of generating relevant content to create leads.

Tatiana Santos
Digital Marketing Specialis

Member agency

Istanbul, Turkey

– Field/Specialty – Full service (conventional + digital)
– Profile/Approach – An independent agency, only depending on wroking hard for the best.
– Portfolio/Services (no cases yet)
– Awards/highlights

Gungor Turkomer – co-founder

Mert Kunc – co-founder
Gozde Yilmaz – agency coordinator