Copenhagen, Denmark

Just Branding is a digital advertising agency. We are driven by innovative storytelling and by helping your global branding succeed off -and online. We develop creative solutions that integrate branding, advertising and corporate strategies.

Uffe Just
CEO & Owner

Member agency

Canada, Toronto

Businesses, advertising and social media have a common foundation. These fields work best when the sender and receiver can switch places so that they may interact with each other. But when it comes to traditional marketing, advertisers almost have exclusive rights to broadcast their message to consumers. This one-way channel of a crude business relationship no longer works. We, at Dendrite Park iNT., are very excited to join forces with iNT: agencies network. We genuinely believe that we are stronger togther. Together we aim to make the clients happy and successful.

Pablo Binkowski
CEO & Owner

Poland, Warsaw

We understand the business of our clients, and we provide them with creative solutions. We obsessively measure everything. We weigh every idea, word or colour to sell more and better. We deliver products on time, and we are within the budget. Cooperation with us is smooth. We are excellent in situations under pressure, because we know that we can handle it – without unnecessary tension.

Emila Bratkowska 
Client Service Director

Helsinki & Tampere, Finland

Experts in marketing communications. We acknowledge the power of effective storytelling and create strong emotional impact as we believe is the main contributor to success. i2 offers a wide range of solutions, from strategy to implementation in Marketing Communications, Encounters, Video & Animation, and Sponsoring.

Christel Lindqvist-Jauhiainen
Director, events & exhibitions
Account Director
Chairwoman of the i2 board
Member agency


Madrid, Spain

We design integral strategies and help our clients implement them. We do creative, efficiency, and metrics, we provide with digital solutions to achieve your goals. At D20 we value storytelling as key in every strategy we create. Our philosophy is based on the idea that a great story is the beginning of great content, and great content is what catches your customers interest; to us “Engagement is the name of the game”.
Laura Corces
Account Director 

Agency partner

France, Paris

the PR agency was founded by Coraline Bardinat, with the support of MXP Ventures, to help brands, founders, and institutions expand to new audiences and navigate the French and global ecosystems.
Ellipse Communications’ expertise is in corporate communications, public relations, event strategy and marketing.
15+ years of experience in international communications to help brands turn their communications into a development accelerator.

Coraline Bardinat

Istanbul, Turkey

– Field/Specialty – Full service (conventional + digital)
– Profile/Approach – An independent agency, only depending on wroking hard for the best.
– Portfolio/Services (no cases yet)
– Awards/highlights

Gungor Turkomer – co-founder

Mert Kunc – co-founder
Gozde Yilmaz – agency coordinator

Porto, Portugal
With offices in São Paulo, Brasil and Madrid, Spain

Modal is all about brands and digital. Specialized in branding, communication and advertising problems since 2009, Modal is an agency with a rock-solid DNA: strategy and creativity to help clients achieve their goals.
Modal won 2 times Lusos awards. Some of the most historical Portuguese companies are Modal’s clients.
Bruno Moreira – founder & Head of Strategy

Lima Peru / Miami US

SS Amsterdam, Brand Partners set sail over 5 years ago with a mission: to differentiate from traditional agencies. 
To accomplish this, we built a more agile ship (agency), a ship that could navigate its own, more efficient routes. 
So we threw overboard the jetsam of bureaucracy and paradigms overloading most vessels giving room to availability, transparency and commitment. 
In this way we could approach challenges in a meaningful and creative way with our clients (partners)… together as one crew.
José Miguel Rivera & Erick Galván –  CCO and CO Founders

Barcelona, Spain

– Field/Specialty -> Creativity and Communication
– Profile/Approach -> achos! An all-out communication and interactive design agency based in Barcelona.
– Portfolio/Services (no cases yet)
– Awards/highlights -> Laus 2015, 6 awwwards

David Ortega – Creative director and Founder

Reykjavík, Iceland

Our speciality is marketing strategies, graphic design and brand building.
We help clients to collect leads through all their social channels and then turn leads into paying customers through automation. In today’s marketing environment there are endless possibilities in a highly complex digital world.
Our main policy is to solve current marketing challenges through the social media medium, which most of the time can be improved on. We believe strongly that this is The Key of Marketing.

Oddur Jarl Haraldsson – Co-CEO

Ghent, Belgium

We are a full service agency based in Belgium, Ghent.
We design timeless and strategic websites and webshops.
WordPress – Woocommerce – UX design – Marketing
Portfolio & Services
Graphic design – Branding – UX design
WordPress, Woocommerce, application and app development
Digital marketing  – Ad campaign – Content creation
Top rated agency on Sortlist 
Top rated agency on TrustLocal
Christophe Verougstraete – Co-founder of ESKIDOOS

Miami, US

We believe good strategy and powerful ideas have no boundaries so in 2021 Amsterdam Brand Partners opened its offices in Miami, to attend the Us Market.

Field Speciality: Social Media, ATL, Brand Building Strategy.

Jose Miguel Rivera: CEO and Co-Founder
Erick Galvan: CEO and Co-Founder
Cesar Patiño: Head of Agency

Stockholm, Sweden

Starship communication is a PR agency that works with communication, public relations, online marketing, innovative business development, sponsorships and events. Their approach includes both strategic and operational planning, such as project management, defining target groups, budget plans, coordination, business intelligence, reporting, media monitoring, procurements, social media, message formulation, writing press material, arranging press tours, Q&As, journalist relations, producing newsletters, managing seminars and events.
Christer Lidman: CEO and Founder
Member agency

Heidelberg, Germany

Public Relations & Content specialists

An agency for digital content: they create relevant content, display it digitally across all channels and monitor it. This is how they network public relations, social media, online marketing and employer branding – also internationally. Founded in 2003. Today, Nicarus is one of the top 3 PR agencies in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and one of the top 100 in Germany.

Peter Verclas: Founder 

Norway, Olso

Norway Reports is an independent and multidisciplinary publishing company. Our team focuses on delivering the highest value to its client’s digital content, ensuring that information reaches the right audience, at the right time. As such, Norway Reports brings forth the value proposition of the companies we feature in our channels with truthful, reliable, and high-quality communication by creating targeted campaigns for its clients instead of using general public advertising methods.

Edwin Castellanos : Founder Partner

Brazil, São Paulo

F2F is a communication agency with digital origins. Organized in squads, capable of meeting the needs of each client in a close, strategic and creative way. Immersion, agility and focus on results.
– Field/Specialty :- Digital Marketing
– Profile/Approach :-We are a 360 Communication Agency, with a strong digital background.
– Portfolio/Services :-Services – Performance marketing, marketing strategy, branding, social media management, media management, data & analytics, content creation and marketing campaigns.- Main customers – Harley Davidson, LG, Linkedin, iFood, GE Healthcare, Merz Aesthetics.
Felipe Bogéa – Co-founder and Strategy Head
Member agency

Milano, Italy

– Field/Specialty: Fashion, beauty, luxury lifestyle, Social media content production – Branding – motion graphic.
– Profile/Approach: Figmenta is a boutique digital agency specialized in digital consulting and content creation for fashion, and lifestyle brands.
– Portfolio/Services: Creative digital strategy – social engagement – Branding strategy – Influencer marketing – In studio, photoshooting – web design & development – Creative video content – Digital coverage at events – Social caring & listening – Content marketing
– Awards/highlights: Lux Life – Leading Beauty and Fashion Digital Marketing Agency – Italy.
Chiara Citarelli – Administration and Partnership Manager
Member agency

Mumbai / Delhi, India

Neon Digital Media was founded in Nov 2019 by Yesha Shetty and Sampat Puthran and Meher Patel. A Full Funnel Performance Marketing Agency and today we are Proud to be associated with Brands like Country Delight, Bata, Welspun, Kenko Health, & many more. We are a Specialised Digital Marketing Agency to help Businesses drive Sales through Paid Advertisements with a focus on ROI using advertising platforms including Google, Facebook, Amazon & Programmatic.

Meher Patel – Founder
Siddhant Sharma – Assistant Strategist
Member agency

Milan, Italy

– Field/Specialty: a) automotive, fashion, food, retail, beauty, pharma, telco, lifestyle, edu
b) press office and public relations, social media management, SEO and content, events, digital marketing and audio-video productions
– Profile/Approach: MiRò is an independent agency, and we’re in the rare position (for the Italian market) of being able to offer both responsiveness and entrepreneurialism. We are a real cross and integrated agency with a tailor made approach. That’s how we deliver results and how we manage our agency. We aim to create a healthy relationship with our clients.
Rossella Rosciano, CEO and Michele Losito, GM

Member agency

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Founded in 1997, Warner Communications (A Millwright Agency) is an award-winning, boutique, full service communications agency specializing in PR, content, executive visibility and thought leadership, crisis management, marketing, social media and branding. Headquartered in Boston, with team members in major markets across the U.S. including San Francisco, New York, Metro DC, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, Warner works with clients across a broad range of industries, predominantly B2B, from advanced manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, to tech, energy, fintech, nonprofit, retail and more – to expand visibility, establish credibility and build trust in brands. 
Erin Vadala, President

Member agency


Located in Baku, Azerbaijan, Artmood LLC is a full-service advertising agency; dedicated, to serving the marketing needs of almost any business, They represent various nationwide brands, enabling their dedicated agents to effectively compare rates and services, so their clients receive quality services.

They create new promotional ideas, print, radio, television, and internet advertisements. Also plan and conduct advertising campaigns, commission research and surveys, and other services that help their clients succeed in a chosen market.

Creative Director/Co-owner – Ulviya Mutallimova

Account Manager – Aisha Ahmadova

Member agency

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Specialising in purpose-driven marketing, we are a globally distributed team of strategists, creative content producers, data experts, and cause culture enthusiasts. We’re helping brands scale their digital marketing efforts from the outside in. building.

  • Field/Specialty: Social, Influencer Marketing
  • Profile/Approach: Hourglass Marketing Approach (Prospecting > Remarketing > Advocacy)
  • Portfolio/Services: Digital Infrastructure, Digital Marketing, Digital Governance
  • Awards/highlights: N/A, new entity

Ruhana DaSilva – Managing Partner – Ali Hashemi – Partner, Business

Member agency

Madrid & Barcelona, Spain

V3rtice is an online & offline communication agency specialising in public relations, digital marketing & design.

In their own words, “It is the union of personal and professional projects, with the idea of feeling creativity and communication in each of our projects.”



Sergio Vicente

Member agency