Discovering the secrets of The JENSEN-GROUP

The JENSEN-GROUP is the dominant player worldwide in the laundry industry. They are transforming many of their services and competencies from analog to digital and have in that process even created digital products. Therefore, they also wanted to transform their marketing and communication activities to digital and SoMe platforms. – From offline to online.

The digital campaigns really took off spring 2018.

Development of a social media communication strategy, positioning the JENSEN GROUP with a new tagline “Creating the future in laundry automation”. That tagline is the essence of The JENSEN-GROUP not only in the external communication but also works as an intern “WHY” and strategic direction.

A reinforced and stronger SoMe presence with LinkedIn as the center of SoMe platforms with worldwide targeted reach was key when connecting all the online and digital platforms and activities.

Development of multiple video campaigns and creative content has been and still is the main component in the campaigns like e.g. this campaign: “Discovering the secrets of The JENSEN-GROUP”.


350% growth in followers on SoMe and thousands of hours of video exposure for the main target groups.

The JENSEN-GROUP is now also the dominant player online in the industry.



TAIKAI or 大会 (“coopetition” in Japanese) is the act of joining competing forces to cooperate to achieve a greater solution together, through hackathons. TAIKAI is an open innovation social network that acts as facilitator by providing the space and the right environment for innovators to work on challenges posted by companies, present solutions and get paid for it. They came to us with the need to be recognized in the national and international market as a reference in hackathons and they still needed to increase the number of subscriptions in each hackathon.

▪ Development of a social media communication strategy, positioning the TAIKAI platform as the reference platform for hackathons, enhancing engagement with the community of innovators / programmers, and simultaneously validating the interest for potential companies;

▪ B2B paid media campaigns on Linkedin and Google in order to increase the platform’s awareness and get more organizations interested in using the platform, in the European and American market;

▪ B2C paid media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, in the European and American market, to boost the number of subscriptions to the various hackathons available on the platform, through precise segmentation criteria and optimizations through A / B testing.

Some exempls of the continuous  work



Organic growth in the number of followers on social networks (100% Twitter and 10% LinkedIn), increase in B2B leads and minimum participants reached in all challenges to date.

42 Degrees

Creation of a new brand

A plant located in the former capital of Spain, Valladolid that produces self-heating cans with coffee, tea and latte….and an idea of making the production commercial.

That was the basic that was there before everything started when creating the brand from scratch. No name, no look and feel, no nothing! Create an international brand.

That was the exciting task we were given before creating name, logo, packaging, design, identifying values and the core of the brand.

Development of a new social brand with an international brand identity but still authentic rooted in it’s local origin 2 hours north of Madrid on latitude 42. The self-heating technology heats up to 42 degrees + the room temperature, so therefore we created the name 42 degrees. Obvious you might say.

A clean concept shown in a clean and fresh modern look in design packaging and logo.


A brand extremely well received worldwide on fairs with a high level of interest from agents and distributors. The brand is now being sold in retail and “ready to go” chains and shops in multiple countries.


Branding through people and culture

Agis health insurance Joy in work

Many employers offer their employees several corporate insurance packages, allowing them their choice of an insurance company. To be able to make employees an offer, Agis needed the necessary information from these workers and asked us to develop a campaign generating leads.

We developed the theme “Joy in work, joy in life” and linked it to an offer that would make everyone happy: five free feel-good songs in exchange for contact details. The feel-good songs could be downloaded from a completely Agis-branded online music store site.

Within the company; posters in the lunchroom, flyer box, internal email, banner on intranet, online music store for selecting and downloading music tracks.


20% more health insurance contracts within the participating companies. The campaign was experienced as very positive by the employees.