An international agency group

Building bridges between people, cultures and borders with branding and communication

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We are Agile, Fast, Flexible, Creative, Cost-effective - and international

iNT. Agencies is a group of international agency group with competencies covering everything from digital advertising to PR, sponsorships, events and SEO, just to mention a few.

We combine a strong local presence in many countries in the main cities with an international perspective which means that we can help develop your branding and communication where it’s needed for you. We will support you with crucial insights and research in markets where you already are or considering to enter.



Building bridges between people, cultures and borders with branding and communication


We help clients grow their business and brands Internationally through great creative advertising, communication, branding and strategy

Value proposition

iNT. Agencies

Client benefits

  • iNT. agencies offer agile day-to-day and week-to-week solutions in digital advertising – Online + offline.

    The foundation of our work is strong strategic- and creative development based on content development.

    We understand that content is KING – We create agile campaigns based on a unique strategy and concept



  • Fast reactions in the market and agile response to market changes

    We create storytelling and not single campaign development – more value for the money

    More milage in the media spending in terms of reach and campaign durability



  • Scalable global teams where we share resources
  • Great project management capabilities

  • Deeply rooted in technology tools
  • All business units in the organisation can act freely as well as togethe
  • A cheaper operation without high overhead costs for our clients
  • Full flexibility on both approach, method and outcome
  • Global reach
  • Different creative perspectives and creative diversity
  • Scalable production volumes


Content is KING

How we handle clients


  • A lead agency is appointed. The lead agency is the central Agency generating the prospect/client
  • The lead agency controls the project
  • The lead agency decides on the team
  • Guidelines and rules on how to handle clients and projects lead the way for all lead agencies and projects
  • The best team for the project is appointed
  • An account director from the lead agency will guide the client and team